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Help Teachers by Donating Items They Need!

Each year teachers spend hundreds of dollars out of their own pocket to better educate our children, the future world leaders. Help these teachers by donating gifts or money. START Donating serves as a matchmaker between donors and teachers from all over. It is so easy to find a teacher's request and donate your items. Get START'ed Donating today by Clicking Here.

Teachers are in need of a variety of items:

Teachers directly receive 100% of all donations!

You can start helping today by locating a teacher requesting items or by listing items you have available.

Donors Click Here to find a teacher in need of an item. To get an automated notification when a teacher requests an item Click Here.

Donors Click Here to locate items teachers are requesting.

Click Here to Donate items teachers can search for.

To get an automatic notification when an item is requested Click Here.

Art Supplies Batteries
Binders Books
Calculators Cash
CD Players Computers
Flash Cards Ink Cartidges
Instruments Monitors
Pens Pencils
Printers Scissors
Software Rulers
Science Supplies Televisions
And much more...  
Student Harbor is a FREE service offered 
  to the school, public or private.
Student Harbor is a secured environment enabling a safe area for communications between Students, Teachers, Parents & School Administrators. Student Harbor requires a secure login for every member of the school community and eliminates all outside forces that may be harmful to your children. With Student Harbor, students can socialize with one another and easily access information being disseminated by their teachers. Additionally parents have the ability to view the web pages and participate in these open communication areas opening an awareness of what is going on with their child’s school activities.



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